Honors College students hold a study group in the student lounge

Honors College students hold a study group in the student lounge

Students of the UIC Honors College have specialized resources at their fingertips including access to some of the best faculty and staff at UIC.

During the freshman year at the Honors College, students are involved in a set of core courses taught by premier faculty at UIC.  This experience, in addition to the professional advising staff of the Honors College, provides a solid foundation for students in the first year transition from high school to college.

At the end of the first year, students are assigned to an Honors College fellow, a mentor in the student's major department.  The fellows, who are UIC faculty members, act as advisors for honors work and are resources for advice and guidance about the student's chosen field of study.

From the sophomore year on, students in the Honors College are required to complete an 'honors activity.'  This activity can be chosen from a wide range of options including, but not limited to: research, study abroad, honors courses, independent study, service learning, and tutoring. These activities are supplements to the traditional academic work of college, and serve to help students apply and use the skills and knowledge that they have developed in the classroom.

Honors students can take advantage of the designated honors floors of the student residence halls.  In addition to sharing living space with other Honors College students, students in the program participate in educational and social activities designed to create a special living/learning environment.

The Honors College provides merit and need based scholarship opportunities for beginning freshmen as well as current students in the college.  The scholarships are awarded for both merit and financial need.

There are also many facilities reserved exclusively for Honors College use including a computer lab, social and study lounges, a tutoring center, kitchen and photocopying facilities.