Capstone Discipline-Specific Information

The discipline-specific information in this section gives you additional insight into what kinds of projects may be considered as suitable Capstone projects. Please note the following:

(1) When searching the database, you can perform a keyword search or go to a specific discipline on the menu. You may also want to consult information available from neighboring departments/disciplines or fields outside your major, especially if your project is likely to be interdisciplinary in nature.

(2) The information is meant to serve as a starting point or a set of suggestions only, and therefore is neither definitive nor complete. The capstone project is an independent piece of original scholarship and should first and foremost be driven by the student's intellect and imagination.

(3) Just because a specific project or type of research is described here does not mean you will automatically be able to do it. Specific projects--their focus, methods, and analysis--must be approved by your Project Supervisor and your Fellow. If you find an idea that interests you here, you must discuss it in detail with them both. Some project may also require IRB approval.

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